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The nature of this artwork is a language whispered from the source of all creation.
In Spanish “Susurros del Alma” - which has such a beautiful sound to it - is translated into English as “Whispers of the Soul.”

Susurros de Alma artwork is inspired in what can be described as a moment that is both an unintentional and intentional process. An elevated vibration of the unseen and seen which I have no control of flows from the heart to my hands – abstract mystical art. Colours and images are brought together in various applications or combinations of washed, tilted, spun, swirled, blown, splattered, pulled and spread marks along with other various materials such as sand, glass, gem stones and other mediums required in this process.

Each piece of art is individual. You will be drawn by your heart and soul to which specific piece of art sings to you! I cannot explain why each piece is unique, interesting, different…etheric. It Whispers to your Soul. You will be drawn to it like magic!

All creation begins with light. Light becomes sound, sound becomes matter. I want to open the world to the spiritual side of things. I feel that the art and process is a language opening you, the viewer / observer, to the spiritual side of things…communicating something to open your heart and mind…connect you to your soul and the greater dimensions of who you truly are.

The potential nature of this artwork is to have an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual effect on you when viewing it by expanding your awareness and building the bridge of trust so that what comes to you is meant to be of assistance to you in achieving your highest good…your highest good. Trust what comes to you.”

Universal Peace and Love to all beings.

Eloise – Abstract Mystical Artist

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Madeleine Roux
Madeleine Roux
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Words cannot adequately explain how grateful I am for all the help, support, learning and guidance you have given me and my furry children. My calculations may be incorrect, but I believe I have used your services for more than 13 years. When I don't understand my "children's" behavior, when they are traumatized, when they require specialized learning and balance, or when they need to realign to a new environment, you are my "go to" person. My dogs always have a better sense of what "will transpire" when I communicate major life changes like relocating or vacations that I am preparing, or getting a new sibling for them. You have supported us. I am very grateful to you for helping us in those "emergency" situations and allowing me to say goodbye to my dear Balto and Abbey so many years ago. I hope that many more animals and pet owners will benefit from your invaluable services. You are a God sent. I can attest that everyone who needs your assistance has benefited much from you and that I will never stop suggesting you to others. Stay as beautiful as you are.